[ubuntu-za] OLE object in OOO Spreadsheet

maia grotepass maiatoday at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 12:22:53 GMT 2010

>> Why is it that you Ubuntu dudes want to put Ubuntu onto your
>> sister-in-laws/girlfriends/mothers/wives computers?
Strange, I never thought about it, but now that I do I realise that I
have only converted my mother and my sister to Ubuntu. They let me
help them. The rest of the men in the family can do their own system
admin, they are such difficult customers that always "know" best

Besides I like the idea of more women using Ubuntu.

>> Guys like tinkering with their computers, but boy, put something weird on a
>> sister-in-laws/girlfriends/mothers/wives computer and you are guaranteed to
>> be the first port of call if something goes wrong.
However, interfere with a guy's computer and you'll definitely get a
reaction. They may even uninstall in a blink of an eye without even
trying to get it to work.  Is Ubuntu weird?

things I try to remember:
*Don't coerce someone to use ubuntu, be excited and wait for them to
beg you to install it.
*Make it clear that things won't be the same but you will probably be
able to do all the things you want to but differently, before you
install. Show them the community resources.
*Try to show the new user how to find answers themselves.
*Test that everything works on live cd before double clicking the install icon.

These suggestions are guaranteed gender neutral and work whether you
are a guy or a girl installing or using Ubuntu.

I am a girl.


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