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Fri Mar 12 12:10:01 GMT 2010

On 10/03/12 13:55, Tanja Valkin wrote:
> Hi all
> I've been following this list (vaguely) for some time now because I'm 
> very interested in linux. I'm detecting an interesting social trend. 
> Here's my question............Guys, it's Friday so please dont take 
> this too seriously......................
> Why is it that you Ubuntu dudes want to put Ubuntu onto your 
> sister-in-laws/girlfriends/mothers/wives computers?  Are you trying to 
> impress the lady because Ubuntu is so pretty & you're so clever? And 
> then you have to email the list because you broke it & she's cross 
> with you? Why not your male family members computers? I dont think 
> that I've ever seen a posting about one of you guys putting linux onto 
> a "male" computer. Are you guys too scared that you'll get klapped if 
> you break it?
> Cheers
> Tanja

Actually I did it just last week, still need to vissit again with a more 
up to date version, they were most impressed when I could get their 
internet up and running without extra phone software

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>     Hi All,
>     I hope that you can help. My sister-in-law, whom I recently
>     migrated to Ubuntu and OpenOffice is experiencing the following
>     problem.
>     She is an accountant who receives spreadsheets from various
>     companies. One company embeds a scan of an actual statement into a
>     cell of the spreadsheet (.tif file) as an OLE object. The
>     spreadsheet in question was set up, by the company, in Excel, and
>     is sent to her in that format. In Excel, one just double clicks on
>     the OLE object to open it in the default graphics viewer. However,
>     in OpenOffice Spreadsheet, there is no "link" to the OLE object.
>     Double clicking on the place-holder (a rectangle) for the OLE
>     object does nothing. It would seem that the embedding process is
>     semi-automated within Excel by use of the =embed() function
>     (gather this by looking at file in Excel on a Windows machine). My
>     current guess is that OpenOffice does not have (cannot find it),
>     and is unable to use this function.
>     If I cannot find a solution to this problem, my sister-in-law will
>     have to revert to a Microsoft system, as this forms an important
>     aspect of the work she does for this company. Is there an add-in,
>     setting, etc. that we can use?
>     Please help. Thanks.
>     Robin
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