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Darrel darrel at celebrationsfs.co.za
Fri Mar 5 08:58:28 GMT 2010

On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 10:14 -0600, Lee Sharp wrote:
> Darrel wrote:
> > Hi Charl thanks for the info,I will however be using the server for
> > multiple sites.
> >    
> >   I am thinking of scrapping the phpmyadmin package and rather use the
> > LAMP server available using sudo tasksel
> I think you have a few things confused here...
> A LAMP server is a web server with Apache, MySQL and PHP integrated into 
> it.  PhpMyAdmin is a package run on a lamp server giving a web gui to 
> MySql.  Installing it was a creative solution as it depends on most of 
> the LAMP packages.  However it does not configure them properly. 
> tasksel configures it properly, but does not install phpmyadmin.  Also 
> phpmyadmin is a security risk if published to the Internet.
> Next, you need to understand permissions.  The web server runs a 
> wwwdata, and any file it servers has to be accessible to wwwdata.  There 
> are lots of ways to make a directory you can access, and the web server 
> cas access.  One way is to chown the /var/www directory to wwwdata:(your 
> group) and you can have full permissions.
> Now I am going to give you a way to cheat.  This is a good way to learn, 
> and see stuff, but not the best way to do things.
> sudo nautilus --no-desktop
> That is the gui file browser as root.  You can see and change 
> permissions easily that way.  Someone may tell you that you need to use 
> gksu instead of sudo, and that is technically right, but don't worry 
> about it now.
> 			Lee
Hi Lee,

Well here is a little background :

I understand what a LAMP server consists of and the GUI access to Mysql
using phpmyadmin.

I have been using a WAMP server (MS equivalent) for about two years now.
This "package" includes phpmyadmin ,I used it mainly to test php scripts
and to a lesser extent utilised the GUI to programme mysql.

Prior to this I had loaded Apache (on MS) and tried to configure the
server with the added modules. I managed to mess up the config file so
badly that Apache was re-installed 3 times. 

The WAMP server is extremely easy to configure (at the click of a mouse)

When I was given a copy of Jaunty I dual booted with XP and continued to
do so with Karmic. The stupid thing was that I was using Linux 80% of
the time but still using  MS to run open source software.

I checked the repositories looking for a LAMP server "package",to my
surprise there were none, I specifically wanted to avoid the config
problems that I had experienced before.

I did however come across phpmyadmin and knew it contained everything I
needed not for one moment thinking about "permissions".

When I encountered the permission type problems I read as much as I
could and then presented my problem to the Community, the rest is

Thanks for the advice you have given me, I did however run into a small

 darrel at point:~$ sudo su -
[sudo] password for darrel: 
root at point:~# sudo nautilus --no-desktop
Could not parse arguments: Cannot open display: 
root at point:~# 

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