[ubuntu-za] Superuser

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Thu Mar 4 16:14:49 GMT 2010

Darrel wrote:

> Hi Charl thanks for the info,I will however be using the server for
> multiple sites.
>   I am thinking of scrapping the phpmyadmin package and rather use the
> LAMP server available using sudo tasksel

I think you have a few things confused here...

A LAMP server is a web server with Apache, MySQL and PHP integrated into 
it.  PhpMyAdmin is a package run on a lamp server giving a web gui to 
MySql.  Installing it was a creative solution as it depends on most of 
the LAMP packages.  However it does not configure them properly. 
tasksel configures it properly, but does not install phpmyadmin.  Also 
phpmyadmin is a security risk if published to the Internet.

Next, you need to understand permissions.  The web server runs a 
wwwdata, and any file it servers has to be accessible to wwwdata.  There 
are lots of ways to make a directory you can access, and the web server 
cas access.  One way is to chown the /var/www directory to wwwdata:(your 
group) and you can have full permissions.

Now I am going to give you a way to cheat.  This is a good way to learn, 
and see stuff, but not the best way to do things.

sudo nautilus --no-desktop

That is the gui file browser as root.  You can see and change 
permissions easily that way.  Someone may tell you that you need to use 
gksu instead of sudo, and that is technically right, but don't worry 
about it now.


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