[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Wikus Cornelius wikusc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 08:58:40 GMT 2009

Hi all,

The main thing that drew me into the Linux world was the idea of a 
community where people not only share their ideas, but also their source 
code. I cannot tell you how much my knowledge and coding skills have 
improved over the last 18 months when I have started using Linux more 
actively and becoming part of the open source community. I am not sure 
if anyone mentioned it, I have not read all the long emails, but I think 
the sharing and openness of ideas and the great community is one of the 
biggest advantages of Linux and should be part of the advertising. I 
suppose it is stating the obvious, but to me it is a bigger drive than 
the “freeness” of the software.

> All of the previous posts have various degrees of merit, but the key to  
> widespread acceptance of Linux in any form is the massive youth market.   
> And that implies games.  Not Klotzki, Nibbles or Robots, but a huge,  
> international effort at porting or creating equivalents of hugely popular  
> current games available in the market today.  And I'm afraid that WINE or  
> Virtualization is NOT the answer.  They may work, but are not a simple  
> click away for most users.
Although I do not see a solution for this, I agree with Tim. Many young 
people are introduced to computers through games and through games they 
also learn to use the os. Later when they start using a PC for other 
things they are not interested to look for solutions on different os 
platforms. My youngest brother is in grade 10 (standard 8 for the old 
school guys) and he and none of his friends are interested in Linux due 
to the lack of game support. I personally think that the Linux market 
will explode if it gets decent gaming support. The only reason why I 
still have a windows installation is to play the games that I cannot get 
to work in Linux and getting them to work in Linux is sometimes a mission!



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