[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Tim Johnson tim at pteq.net
Mon Oct 26 08:05:55 GMT 2009

I have also discovered a strange, backfire-type quirk.

I've recommended/advocated Ubuntu to a huge number of South African  
friends and organizations.  As soon as they hear that its called Ubuntu,  
and the name Mark Shuttleworth, they assume that it's a South African  
"invention" and back away in fear that it is not mainstream enough and is  
a poor African cousin trying to muscle in on the Microsoft-dominated world.

Further discussion seems to fall on deaf ears.

All of the previous posts have various degrees of merit, but the key to  
widespread acceptance of Linux in any form is the massive youth market.   
And that implies games.  Not Klotzki, Nibbles or Robots, but a huge,  
international effort at porting or creating equivalents of hugely popular  
current games available in the market today.  And I'm afraid that WINE or  
Virtualization is NOT the answer.  They may work, but are not a simple  
click away for most users.

We can market Open Office vs MS office, GIMP vs Photoshop and all the  
other 99.9% equivalents until we are blue in the face.  The things that  
are "there" or nearly "there" are not the problem.  Selling the advantages  
of these free equivalents is simple.

I don't play games.  When my 16 yr old nephew and 13 yr niece come to my  
house, they are happy to use Facebook, but enter a deep teenage depression  
when I say "Look at all the games that are there... all free!"

Teenagers don't use Office Suites. The image processing power that they  
need/want is available on their phones. They dont buy CDs, they download  
music and listen to it on their iPods.  Teenagers play lurid, fast,  
violent games that challenge them mentally, physically and, dare I say it,  
intellectually.  Most importantly, they play the games that their friends  
and peers are playing.  Oh and the "free part"... it is largely moot.   
Teenagers dont buy games... they "get" them from their friends.

Teenagers will be buying the next generation of computer and do not even  
realise that they have a choice of OS.

Until this market is exposed to Ubuntu enough to see/feel the advantages,  
I fear that the community will maintain its current growth based on  
disgruntled ex-Windows users who have seen the light, or nerds who saw it  
even earlier.

Make 2010 the Year of Ubuntu Games and invite all Linux Developers to  
redirect effort and funding into modern game porting and development, then  
drag the teens kicking and screaming into the Ubuntu world.

"Ubuntu... the coolest thing since the Playstation"

Using Ubuntu 9.04 and Opera 10

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