[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Mon Oct 26 14:25:01 GMT 2009

On Sun, 2009-10-25 at 14:30 +0200, David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) wrote:
> Windows 7 to tell the truth doesn't look like much of an advance when 
> compared to the latest Ubuntu desktop. Problem, is a lot of people will 
> be confronted with the inevitable - Should we upgrade? - issue. So my 
> question to the Ubuntu community is how can we generate some guerrilla 
> advertising to promote Ubuntu as a contender in the upgrade battle?

I have been very successful with simple word-of-mouth marketing, which I
still believe is the best approach... for now at least.  I'm always
afraid of creating such a big buzz that you have too many people with
"unrealistic" expectations trying it out and being disappointed.  That
would be far worse than reaching just a few people.

When you tell people about Linux you can ensure they get the right
expectation and when they try it out, they have someone they know that
they can talk to, to get them through the first few hurdles.  People
often don't want to sign up to mailing list for help, they want to call
someone.  Therefore this approach leads to fewer disappointments.

If you want to create a buzz, be ready to back it up... with your own
time and effort, don't expect others to do it.

On this point, I'm interested in some pics with slogans I can use as
e-mail signatures, that promote Ubuntu.  When someone read my e-mail and
they are interested, they can talk to me about it and I'll help them to
get going.

Finally, I believe that young people are the key here.  Getting into
primary and secondary schools and "invading" computer labs and starting
computer clubs.  Young people are much more willing to try new stuff.
The sooner you start with them, the sooner they'll get hooked and start
telling their friends.  Untimately, they'll replace the single-minded
decisions makers.

I'm willing to wait for Ubuntu to get big, no rush, it will get big, but
we must not be so eager that we mess it up.

But that's just my humble opinion.


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