[ubuntu-za] ubuntu-za co-leader stepping down; election of replacement

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 22 15:44:53 BST 2009

After just over than a year of co-leading the Ubuntu South Africa
LoCoTeam with me, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) will be stepping down
due to time pressure.

Jonathan has contributed a huge amount to Ubuntu-ZA, including hosting
the ubuntu-za.org wiki, organising many meetings, distributing CDs
etc. I'm sorry to see him relinquish his role in leading Ubuntu-ZA,
but I know he will continue his involvement and I'm excited to get
some fresh energy into the community from new leadership.

Jonathan and I have discussed a transition and we feel the community
is ready for a more democratic process. so here is my proposed plan:

1. Call for nominations

Those willing to stand for an election to co-leader of Ubuntu ZA must
nominate themselves on the mailing list.

Nominees must:
- have signed the code of conduct,
- agree to follow the leadership code of conduct
- be a member of ubuntu-za on LP,
- be seconded by another ubuntu-za member,
- be an Ubuntu member or start actively working toward Ubuntu
membership (http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember,

Duties of a co-leader:
- Make things happen.

We will give nominees a week to write up a wiki page on
http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org mentioning their past contributions to
Ubuntu-ZA and any other relevant information they want to include,
including experience that would count toward Ubuntu membership. I'll
post a page tomorrow regarding the election, which will link to these

2. Election

On Thursday 29 October at noon I'll post a poll on the ubuntu-za
launchpad team page, listing the candidates as they stand at that
point. Everyone who is a member of the ubuntu-za team on launchpad can
vote for their preferred candidate. It will be a secret ballot - not
even I will see who votes for whom.

The poll will be open for a week.

3. Announcement of winner

On Thursday 5 November I will talk to the winner of the election and
announce their selection. Jonathan will step down at that point and
the new candidate will co-lead the LoCoTeam from then.

Based on experiences this time around, we'll plan future periodic
leadership changes.

Any comments? Nominations? :)

Finally, not the first or last time, thanks Jonathan for everything
you have done for Ubuntu-ZA.


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