[ubuntu-za] solutions and ubuntuforum

CM Schoonbee cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za
Wed Jan 14 15:28:48 GMT 2009

Vijay Makanjee wrote:
> Hey
> I wonder if the posts to the list are on the Ubuntuforums site. there
> has been some really great advice on the list and should be shared.
> Kind regards
No, they don't.  The Ubuntu wiki or the ubuntu-za wiki are other places 
to post info that may be more widely useful.

To cater for the problem and solution of this particular thread I have 
updated the following wiki page that seems appropriate : 

The community support page 
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting is probably more 
appropriate but this seems in need of a bit more rewriting to bring it 
up to date.


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