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David Rubin davidrub at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 15:06:44 GMT 2009

Vijay Makanjee wrote:
> Hey
> I wonder if the posts to the list are on the Ubuntuforums site. there
> has been some really great advice on the list and should be shared.
No they do not. At one point all messages posted on the ubuntu mailing
list (international) used to be added to the forum but I think since the
number of lists increased with the through put and activity it was
decided to separate them.

We have our own sub forum on the ubuntu forums. [1] but this just
re-direction to  [2]

Our sub forums aren't as active as the mailing lists. I assume this is
just a personal preference among the za community. This could be because
people don't really have access to internet other then at work or prefer
the responses/questions directly to their mailbox..  I am not 100% sure
the reasoning I my self prefer forums.

If any one feels that something was worth sharing with the public or
they are willing to write a tutorial from the explanations on theses
lists we have our wiki  [3] or under the tutorials and tips section of
the forums[4] although in the activity it might get lost. So maybe a
suggestion would be to post them to our sub forum and we could always
move them around if need be. :)

[1] http://za.ubuntuforums.org
[2] http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=194
[3] http://ubuntu-za.org/
[4] http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=100
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> CM Schoonbee wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> So your system also needs Surround to be unmuted like mine.  What 
>> machine do you have out of interest?
>> Both the Master and Surround volume controls should still affect the 
>> volume of sound - it seems like the settings on each are multiplied 
>> together to give the final volume.  Again, try from a default install if 
>> all else fails and if you are curious enough.
>> Glad you came right (or at least seem to be getting there)
>> Chris
>> Péter Nel wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Hey Hilton...
>>> That's not a bad idea!
>>> I've got sound now... but hear this out - i guess the fresh look had
>>> me thinking differently, because opening the sound controls, I unmuted
>>> & upped the volume on the "Surround" mixer... the volume of my current
>>> playing mp3 went up - eureka!
>>> "Master" volume does nothing?? Even muting it produces sound. It looks
>>> like "Surround" now functions as Master....
>>> Logging out of the guest account gave me the welcome-drums... very
>>> welcome!
>>> Back in my main account, sound works like in guest, so it wasn't
>>> personal settings.
>>> 2 things now:
>>> - - get "Master" volume to function as master in stead of "Surround"
>>> - - get system back on PulseAudio if any problems are encountered with
>>> ALSA-only
>>> (update: skype works with audio+mic while listening to MP3's; so when
>>> it aint broke...)
>>> I've checked/unchecked all the other settings in gnome-alsamixer;
>>> "Surround" remains master and "Master" keeps doing nothing.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Thanks for the attention guys.
>>> (note to self: stop laughing you moron!)
>>> Péter Nel
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