[ubuntu-za] GUI programming in Ubuntu

Reenen Laurie REENENL at pepstores.com
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On hardy, Lazarus is now part of the repository.

You may want to use it, as it's roots started off to be a Delphi clone.

In some aspects it's much different, but it'll to no time (literally) to
catch up if you were comfortable with Delphi.

I personally use Lazarus for some of my projects, and even though
version 1.0.0 hasn't been reached.

On the other hand it is a 12y old paradigm of programming... and I've
heard really good things about Python with QT programming.

You'll lose a bit of speed with Python, but if it's a GUI and not speed,
then that should work excellent.


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Hi All

I would like to write a small GUI app for my own use in Ubuntu. I have
some programming experience in Windows (Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic)
and some Python scripting experience in Linux. I also have a tiny bit of
Java experience.

What language/tools/IDE etc would you recommend for developing a small
GUI app?

Thanks for the input.


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