[ubuntu-za] GUI programming in Ubuntu

Fredre Hattingh hattingh.fredre at gmail.com
Thu May 8 09:59:39 BST 2008

Neil Manson wrote:
> Hi All
> I would like to write a small GUI app for my own use in Ubuntu. I have
> some programming experience in Windows (Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic)
> and some Python scripting experience in Linux. I also have a tiny bit of
> Java experience.
> What language/tools/IDE etc would you recommend for developing a small
> GUI app?

Hi Niel,

For designing the GUI interface I would recommend the Glade Interface
designer. You can then load the .glade XML in your app to display the
interface. This is not hard to do with the likes of python, or even Perl
that I found was not hard to learn. For python programming I use the
DrPython IDE http://drpython.sourceforge.net/.

I dont know how much VB.net differers from the VB (6 ??) you mentioned in
your post but If you want to give it a go you can try the MonoDevelop IDE
and create a VBNET Gtk# 2.0 project
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