[ubuntu-za] Hardy

Robert Holm robhholm at lantic.net
Wed Jun 18 19:31:23 BST 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 20:24 +0200, Bill Cairns wrote:
> My problems with Hardy are making me despondent and pessimistic. 
> I have a common or garden Mecer PC with an Intel 965 motherboard which
> came with a dual core 2.13 processor and a 82801H  Audio Controller.
> Hard to get more common or garden than that.
> My sound does not work.
Further to my email of this morning I should probably have mentioned
that the update that solved my sound problems was loading linux headers
and image generic.

My sound card worked fine with Gutsy, and initially worked fine with
Hardy, but after a subsequent update the card was no longer recognised
and I had no sound until the latest update apparently fixed the bug.



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