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Ivo Vegter ivo at hivemind.net
Wed Jun 18 14:19:00 BST 2008

Bill Cairns wrote:
> My problems with Hardy are making me despondent and pessimistic.
> I have a common or garden Mecer PC with an Intel 965 motherboard which
> came with a dual core 2.13 processor and a 82801H  Audio Controller.
> Hard to get more common or garden than that.
> My sound does not work.

I had that problem upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy. I posted a solution
to this list...

Ah, here it is. I've since discovered that I should have chosen the
generic (x86) stuff instead of the 386 stuff, so I've edited the fix to
reflect this. Version numbers will be higher too, of course (2.6.24-16,
if I'm not mistaken).

This might be of some use:

My on-board sound card didn't get recognised. It was fine in Feisty.
It's a Realtek ALC888 (HDA-Intel) on an MSI P35 motherboard.

I neglected to track the exact sequence of events, but it turned out the
required snd-hda-intel kernel module wasn't installed. Modprobe couldn't
find it, either.

I think the problem was that the upgrade script installed two kernels:
one "generic" x86 kernel and one "386" kernel (I had both for kernel
version 2.6.22-14, along with one older kernel from Feisty). Gutsy was
running the -386 kernel, but had only the restricted modules for the
-generic kernel installed.

To fix the problem, I did the following:

1. In Synaptic, I uninstalled all -386 kernel packages and made sure
that the corresponding -generic packages were all installed (search for
"linux-" with the dash to make things easier to find):
      (which installs linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic)
      (which installs linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-generic)

2. Then I installed the missing module from the console:
    modprobe snd-hda-intel

3. Tested that sound works. It did.

4. To make sure the module loads on boot, I added the following line to

Since this strikes me as one of those dealbreaker problems for
first-timers, it's probably something that someone, somewhere, in charge
of the installation/upgrade scripts, should fix.

Meantime, this may help.

Hope it does. Help, that is.

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