[ubuntu-za] Hardy

Jan Groenewald jan at aims.ac.za
Wed Jun 18 13:02:25 BST 2008


You'll probably find you have sound from the command line
from ogg123 or mpg321.

To fix, go 

	System - Preferences - Sound

and set the sound-playback for movies,etc. to alsa.
Try all the options (instead of the default autodetect)
and use the test button to get the correct one.

This is due to pulse-audio problems, and I think the kernel
issue is a known bug, so will be fixed soon, but perhaps only
next release -- Pulse-audio is a new sound architecture, promising
cool stuff like sound over the network built-in, out the box, but it's
not there yet on all platforms.

You may have to check sound preferences after kernel updates in the 
meantime, unfortunately.


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