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Phillip Pare ptpare at lantic.net
Wed Feb 13 12:17:32 GMT 2008

As a follow on from the previous thread about Ubuntu books, does anyone
on this list have any ongoing experience with school learners and Tuxlabs?
I would be interested to know of any Ubuntu book specially catering for 
ten to thirteen year old
learners using Ubuntu in a Tuxlab.
I have mentioned previously on this list my connection with some Tuxlabs 
in Limpopo. This
weekend I visited the primary school to find that the only computers in 
the lab that were being used
regularly were those based on MS windows. It seems again that, sadly, it 
is very difficult to maintain the
momentum of a Linux based school lab.
I would be very pleased to hear from others who have some success stories.


Phillip Pare
(with links to St Mark's College Primary School, Jane Furse)

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