[ubuntu-za] Tuxlabs

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 13 12:24:50 GMT 2008

Hi Phillip

Phillip Pare wrote:
> As a follow on from the previous thread about Ubuntu books, does anyone
> on this list have any ongoing experience with school learners and Tuxlabs?
> I would be interested to know of any Ubuntu book specially catering for 
> ten to thirteen year old
> learners using Ubuntu in a Tuxlab.

IkamvaYouth has a project called Fikilela (sp?), it's a collection of
courseware built around tuXlab for learners. I'm not sure where you can
get the content itself, but here is information about it:

 * http://www.ikamvayouth.org/programmes/e_literacy
 * http://www.ikamvayouth.org/programmes/e_literacy/operation_fikelela

Maybe you could contact them directly:

 * http://www.ikamvayouth.org/contact

> I have mentioned previously on this list my connection with some Tuxlabs 
> in Limpopo. This
> weekend I visited the primary school to find that the only computers in 
> the lab that were being used
> regularly were those based on MS windows. It seems again that, sadly, it 
> is very difficult to maintain the
> momentum of a Linux based school lab.
> I would be very pleased to hear from others who have some success stories.

Yes, if there's a strong community around the school, the results are
wonderful, if it's non-existent, everything falls apart. This has been
strongly evident in the tuXlab schools (unfortunately so in the Limpopo


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