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Tohir Solomons tsolomons at uwc.ac.za
Wed Feb 13 11:54:50 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 13:39 +0200, André Truter wrote:
> The problem with web base is you need to be on the internet first. With
> Ubuntu 7.06 it didn’t want to work with my Wireless adaptor. I need to get
> the knowledge to help myself as for as possible before I go to the web. With
> internet I need to log into vista look for a solution reboot to Ubuntu test
> reboot into Vista look again.

I empathise with you. This is any one of the biggest challenges after
getting it installed - get an internet connection working, especially
modems. Without that, one cannot go far.

After doing a reinstall, I had to dash off to an internet cafe just to
get four libraries I needed to get my datacard to work.

Perhaps this would be a recommendation to Ubuntu: make as many packages
available on the cd that would facilitate users connecting to the

Needless to say this is like a teething issue. Once you are over it,
there is no way looking back.

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