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स्वक्ष vid at svaksha.com
Mon Apr 5 06:49:52 UTC 2010

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 11:48, Elizabeth Krumbach <lyz at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 10:10 PM, Kadambari Devarajan
> <kadambari.devarajan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> +1 - no attachments on mailing lists, uploads preferred.
> I agree, but I think this is a discussion that should happen. There
> are Ubuntu mailing lists (and mailing lists elsewhere online) these
> days where attachments are considered acceptable so having a unified

People find attachments on a mailing list annoying because they clog
the pipe for folks using POP downloads. Besides, we run the risk of
the UW list mails being marked as spam by gmail users.  That said,
which are the Ubuntu lists that have such a policy of allowing
attachments on mailing lists and I am curious to know why the admins
thought its a good idea to allow attachments on their lists.

>> +1 again - I did go through the  logs, recommend more admins, in order to
>> account for time zone differences (among other things) and also to lessen
>> Svaksha's burden. Moreover, just one point of contact can be difficult for
>> various logistical reasons (been there, done that). Svaksha's done a great
>> job so far, and I'm part of other lists she's an admin of, and have no
>> complaints. Also, IMHO contrary to the opinion on the irc chat, I don't
>> think she is clinging onto the being sole admin or anything  (and actually
>> think she is NOT the sole admin, and there are others).
> There are other admins, but currently there is no way for anyone
> (leader of the project or not) to apply for these positions, and
> discussion about adding more admins has been immediately halted, in

That is an unfair accusation. I will still set aside the personal
accusations and look at how the conclusion (that newcomers) was
arrived at. Last year, I made a genuine attempt to give someone *new*
(like Jamesha and Ruiz) a chance to contribute and I am confused how
that translates to "halting discussion".  At that time there were more
logical fallacies used than I care to rehash again right now.  IF its
related to making  newcomers like Jamesha and Alejandra admins over
the oldtimers? I think I explained that earlier :

> spite of complaints about mails being stuck in the queue for hours and
> no way to contact admins aside from sending yet another email. I think
> this is where the frustration that is evident from the logs stems
> from.

Considering that you and Amber are list admins too you would be aware
of the MM default behaviour and list policies too. So, If the issue is
anything other than coverage and responsiveness please be more
specific with dates. Is that a general experience of all list members
or is this specific to Amber's last email attachment being rejected?
Fwiw, she had sent a mail with attachments a few days ago too and I
approved it. However since it was going to be a repeat affair, I
explained on IRC why attachments are not allowed. Other list members
have also explained why they dont want attachments on the list. How
did it get tied to "list admins are not responsive" and "UW leader
needs to be list admin too for 6-monthly cycles" is something that we
need to discuss *before* it goes into the meeting agenda.

> Now that we have a leadership structure in place and regular meetings
> to discuss things like this I think it's a perfect time to go through
> our resources (mailing list, launchpad, access to the website) and
> develop processes for people to volunteer for these positions to
> lessen the burden on current admins and give others in the project
> opportunities to fill these roles.

Newcomers (Jamesha and Alejandra) were given access as list admins
last year and they are doing a fantastic job of it and yet there seems
to be a subtle aggression over this. Rules are being arbitrarily made
in the name of "leadership" tag and if that is what comes of having a
team leader, its truly sad to see this in Ubuntu and is worse that its
happening in a *-women project.

</end thinking out loud>
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