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Mon Dec 22 04:55:04 UTC 2014

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>     WS=> I think I was premature in thinking that I solved the problem
>     with a full reinstall.  I installed the latest version of
>     Mint/Mate which is 17.1.  When I tried using FF to visit I
>     still have the same problem.  I then tried Opera and it too has
>     the same problem.  Other websites that do not use flash are
>     displayed correctly.
>     I did some investigation into the plugins for firefox and the same
>     old Shockwave Flash  version 11.2 r202is being used.  I am going
>     to try prebar to see if that makes any difference.  Another option
>     is to install Ubuntu (I hope you have the Mate option) and see
>     what happens.  Since I dual boot with Windows, I also will see If
>     Windows is affected ( I don't use Windows to surf the web, It
>     isn't safe.).
> I've just checked on my Ubuntu 14.10 and in Chrome (Version 
> 39.0.2171.95) there are no issues, I do have restricted extras and all 
> normal updates installed. To check what you are doing I also used 
> Firefox (Version 34.0) and it shows the page fine. When in Firefox 
> though it won't show the videos, it prompts me to install Flash Player 
> to view the content. Other than that the rest of the page displays fine.
> Unless you are using some PPAs or other non standard repository I'd be 
> starting to think it might be a Mint issue as the standard web 
> browsers appear to work just fine for me.
> Regards,
> Jared Norris
WS=>I tried prebar and it doesn't help.  The BBC website still freezes. transfers control to and it stops there. What 
seems to be  happening ts nothing is displayed but the address bar shows 
that the webpage is loading.  Nothing happens after this point.   I am 
attaching a screenshot to show that prebar is active abd note the 
"circular arrow to the left of the address.

I'll try installing Unbuntu next.

Note:  I tried sending a screenshot but the message was too big. I am 
resending it without the attachment.
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