Debian or Ubuntu?

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Sat May 10 15:50:32 UTC 2008

Kitchen wrote:
> I've been lurking on the list for a while, but haven't posted before. 
> We're looking at upgrading our co-lo web server which is now running 
> Debian Sarge. Some people we know have suggested we take a look at 
> Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. Is there anywhere a balanced 
> overview of the pros and cons of using Debian or Ubuntu?
> I'd appreciate any URLs or your own thoughts. Thanks.

Depends on your personal preference and specific needs.  I can tell you
what I do, for what it's worth.  :-)

I run Ubuntu Dapper Drake as my personal mail/Web/DNS server on an
UltraSPARC box, and it's been absolutely wonderful to date.  Dapper
Drake is easily as rock-solid as any Debian "stable" release.  That
said, yes, Debian "stable" really does tend to be just that--very stable.

The reason I'm moving from Ubuntu to Debian on my servers at work is
that Debian supports more hardware platforms than Ubuntu, and we run
more than just x86/AMD64 there (we run UltraSPARC as well).  I'd have
stayed with Ubuntu had there continued to be UltraSPARC support.

However, for desktop/laptop boxes, Ubuntu all the way.

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