Debian or Ubuntu?

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Sat May 10 06:30:05 UTC 2008

Kitchen <kitchen at> writes:

> I've been lurking on the list for a while, but haven't posted before. 
> We're looking at upgrading our co-lo web server which is now running 
> Debian Sarge. Some people we know have suggested we take a look at 
> Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. Is there anywhere a balanced 
> overview of the pros and cons of using Debian or Ubuntu?
> I'd appreciate any URLs or your own thoughts. Thanks.

I use Debian for my servers and Kubuntu on my laptop.

To me, stability is the most important thing for servers. The long
release cycle of Debian is actually a good thing, when it comes to

Usually when I install a new servers, I see where in the release cycle
the current testing branch is in.  If testing is frozen, then I install
that. If not, I install stable.  In any case, I stay on stable (or move
into stable, if I installed testing) until a new stable is released.  If
I really need a new version of a package (for some reason), I usually
get it from backport or compile it myself.

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