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Freddy Martinez freddymartinez9 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 03:40:03 GMT 2007

I say go for it. I am all about Chicago. It is the city I went to school in
(downtown and everything), I skateboard there, I eat there, most my best
friends live there, I have family there etc. However, please realize that we
are part of a larger Ubuntu community. Sure we are comfortable with each
other and are friends, however, the one this we all share in common is
Ubuntu. There are Ubuntu-ers in Germany (Asac) the Philippines (Jucato), the
UK (Riddell) and we all work together. Therefore, I agree with Richard
(mostly). There is always room for collaborating. This way I can get the 17
people that I have using / interested in Kubuntu (all KDE, w00t!) on campus
part of a larger team. I can work with the whole college, I can work with
Western Illinois, I can work with Peoria and Galesburg. It gives us a wider
scope and lets us with resources use them.

/me waits for Nixternal to convert CPS to Ubuntu ... hopefully.

On 3/1/07, Rich Johnson <nixternal at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> There is going to eventually be an Illinois team, nothing we can do about
> it,
> and it is something the state needs.
> My reasoning behind doing what I did tonight is a couple of things:
> 1) If there is going to be an Illinois team, WE (Ubuntu Chicago) will be
> the
> initial drivers of it, instead of someone else coming in w/o any LoCo
> experience and possibly causing a flop.
> 2) It allows us to expand. We will always be Ubuntu Chicago, but we are a
> part
> of the state of Illinois, so it allows us to have a larger footprint
> behind
> anything we may drive in the future.
> 3) A lot of members (i.e. Freddy) are college bound to the various
> colleges
> throughout the state, with Ubuntu Illinois, these members will be allowed
> to
> create sub-chapters under the Illinois title instead of the Chicago title.
> Would be weird if you were Ubuntu Chicago at Southern Illinois.
> 4) We need farmers! OK, I made this up
> My main reason was that if this was eventually going to happen, with my
> experience as well as all of yours, I would rather have a successfull
> driving
> force where eventually it can be turned over to future Illinois members.
> Also I am working closely on a "hush-hush" project with Ubuntu and family
> and
> this is part of my master plan on world domination!
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