[Ubuntu-US-CA] Our Shared LoCo Team Identity

Jessica Ledbetter jessica at jessicaledbetter.com
Wed Dec 22 15:55:13 UTC 2010

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 11:37 PM, Eric Hammond <esh at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> "LoCo" has a strong negative connotation for me, but perhaps that's
> because I grew up in a Spanish speaking country.

Ditto though I grew up in an English speaking country.

> "ubuntu-us-ca" is fairly difficult to communicate/understand/remember in
> speech or print.  Fortunately, its uses can be linked to from the web
> site once you've gotten there.

I agree. Also, maybe it's because of my development background but I'm
not a huge hyphen fan. I use an underscore in my twitter name because
my name is too long and the shortened version was taken. I think of
changing this every week.

And, how do we say that? "Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm with ubuntu hyphen
you ess hyphen cee aye"? I like "Ubuntu California Team" personally.
And thankfully there's a redirect for ubuntucalifornia.org to
ubuntu-california.org. I understand readability but
UbuntuCalifornia.org does that too. I think ubuntucalifornia.org is
easier to type, say, and put on a business card.

So, let's say that I'm new to the area and looking to join a group. Do
I search for "san francisco lug" or "san francisco linux user group"?
Or do I search for "san francisco ubuntu" or "san francisco loco"? I
wouldn't think of looking for a california ubuntu unless I already was
familiar with the local team structure. Maybe the web logs will show
what search terms people are using and that can help with the online
branding aspect.

I love sharing the open source philosophy with people. If someone
thinks that I am an Ubuntu employee then it gives me that opportunity.

The online branding should tie in very well with offline. Part of what
we do is get out and about with our laptops and our talks.


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