[ubuntu-uk] A GUI Grub editor?

David Pashley david at davidpashley.com
Wed Feb 28 12:17:01 GMT 2007

On Feb 28, 2007 at 11:24, Andrew Black (delete obvious bit) praised the llamas by saying:
> I am quite technical and in general prefer hacking text files rather than GUI 
> editors.
> But I find Grub scary.  Partly that I know that if I get it wrong I have a 
> nasty unbooting machine (does grup mean Get wRong and machins is UnBootable).
I've naver had a machine that had grub on it to be unbootable. Grub
nicely has a command line that allows you to fix everything if you get
the config file wrong

> If find the file created by debian/ ubuntu really hard to understand.  I am 
> not sure whether the issue is
>  - the file is complicated per se
>  - the version created by the installer is too general/ complex

The file is autogenerated from your kernels and some options you
specify using the update-grub script. You only need to worry about the
kopts line usually.
> I am not sure what the answer is but
>  - from my techy perspective I would like to take the file apart and 
> understand/ simplify it (on a machine that doesnt matter too much if I loose 
> it for a day!)
>  - from a more general perspective some form of GUI would be a good idea.
> A parallel - the oreilly book on apache security suggests that you throw away 
> the all singing / dancing config generated by whatever distribution you have 
> and construct one you understand.
The debian/ubuntu apache2 config setup is very very simple. Create
vhosts in /etc/apache2/sites-available and then run a2ensite. 

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