[ubuntu-uk] A GUI Grub editor?

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 21:19:26 GMT 2007

On 28/02/07, David Pashley <david at davidpashley.com> wrote:
> On Feb 28, 2007 at 11:24, Andrew Black (delete obvious bit) praised the llamas by saying:
> I've naver had a machine that had grub on it to be unbootable. Grub
> nicely has a command line that allows you to fix everything if you get
> the config file wrong

Oh I've had an unbootable machine many times, but always by
formatting/deleting the partition that the Grub menu was on. ;-) It's
a bit tricky to fix from the Live CD, too, involving mounting and
chrooting and mounting some more, so I don't recommend it.

> > If find the file created by debian/ ubuntu really hard to understand.  I am
> > not sure whether the issue is
> >  - the file is complicated per se
> >  - the version created by the installer is too general/ complex
> The file is autogenerated from your kernels and some options you
> specify using the update-grub script. You only need to worry about the
> kopts line usually.

Andrew, you can create a simple-to-understand file quite easily, by
deleting all the commented lines. As others have pointed out though,
make sure you have a backup copy first, or updating kernels
automatically won't install them in the Grub menu properly (I think -
never tried it).

After you've deleted all the comments, the remaining syntax is fairly
simple. The comments are some Debian magic that is used by the
update-grub script (which is also used when trying dpkg --reconfigure
grub, IIRC).

As David pointed out, hacking the file won't result in an unbootable
machine - maybe deleting the file would...


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