[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu CNR deal

Philip Wyett philip.wyett at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 22:12:36 GMT 2007

On 09/02/07, Dean Sas <dean at deansas.org> wrote:
> Philip Wyett wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I have been reading about the Ubuntu / Linspire CNR deal and I have
> > some serious reservations about it.
> >
> > Will CNR be part of a default desktop installation?
> Not according to the FAQ that was released with the press release. We
> are to get some "CNR like" features eventually. I imagine this could tie
> in to the new totem hook which prompts you to enable multiverse and
> install codecs when playing patent encumbered videos, only perhaps
> referring you to CNR rather than the legally questionable packages.

Well... In the FAQ we can see "CNR is added to the standard Ubuntu software
installation method to complement existing functionality". This covers a
multitude of sins and could mean many implementation methods.

Someone needs to come out and honestly say what is the initial plans at this
time; and make sure that person does not work in any PR or marketing

> > Ubuntu - Linux for human beings and not Linux to confuse the crap out of
> > folks
> > with more software installation methods than you can shake a stick at.
> Other
> > vendors have it right on this with many other software companies ...
> > Here is the way
> > you do it - The one way. How can anything be for human beings when you
> > can get "I installed this via this and this via that and now I have an
> > issue" - It
> > will cause so many problems for both users and add a large overhead to
> the
> > developers.
> >
> We currently have add/remove programs and synaptic, update-manager has
> a similar purpose too...

These all pull from the same repositories, thus no additional overhead.

Adding CNR means an additional 'uncontrolled' source of apps with possible
differences that could make MS DLL hell and RPM dep problems look like quite
minor annoyances.


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