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On 2/9/07, Caroline Ford <caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com> wrote:
> London School of Puppetry wrote:
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> > On 06/02/07, Caroline Ford <caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
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> >  If you are running with kde libraries installed I'd recommend krita the
> >  kde bitmap editor as well.
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I'm not running with kde libraries because  I'm in ubuntu.  I've had a look
at krita and karbon, both recommended in  these  pages, but they infer that
I should be using koffice.  As I am using and happy with openoffice,
entangling with koffice seems a large penalty for finding a sensible
substitute for gimp.  I'm scared off sodipodi because it is described as
unstable.  Am also worried by the warning *Installing these programs is
highly platform specific*.
Thank you very much for explaining the two uses of the word ubuntu - much is
now clearer for the first time - I do wish the experts realised the problems
us thickies have.  We often don't get very far even when we try hard.

> I really think the gimp is being oversold by the community in general.
> > It is very badly designed and doesn't do 32 bit colour. The lack of 32
> >  bit colour led to the development of cinepaint, and the design problems
> >  are notorious. I read an online lecture on usability and all the
> > examples of bad practice came from the gimp..
> >
> >  The gimp is nothing like photoshop - sorry. I think we should aim high
> >  but photoshop is far superior. I've never used paintshop pro but it's
> >  not industry standard - it's for home users. The industry standard is
> >  photoshop. The gimp *can* do some things if you know how - but often
> not
> >  as well. The filters in particular are really gimmicky - it feels like
> >  it was designed for computer scientists not artists. </rant>
> >
> > One thing we really need is an equivalent of poser - i can't think of a
> >  program I'd recommend for people wanting to do animations for something
> >  such as second life. Poser makes those sort of things relatively easy.
> >
> >  Krita is using gimp format brushes which I think is a really positive
> >  step towards making a free software standard. Photoshop compatibility
> is
> >  pretty much the closed source standard. I currently make free content
> >  for tuxpaint and I'm pondering making content for the gimp now that
> >  better programs are using its standards too.
> >
> >  Apparently filters for the gimp don't work across versions (unlike
> >  photoshop which has an api i think as other programs can use photoshop
> >  filters.) This may explain how poor most gimp filters are - based on
> >  maths not art, or so it seems. KDE are making a cross application
> >  standard for plugins which feels really positive. The kde graphics
> >  people seem to have really picked up all the problems with the gimp.
> >  Some people seem to treat the gimp as an iconic free software program -
> >  i think many of these people have never used anything better. I *know*
> >  we can do better than that - it's a real bugbear of mine!
> >
> >  Caroline (secretlondon)
> >
> > I have been told that my computer is too slow to use gimp effectively.
> > What kind of power should I be looking at to run some of the
> > programmes you have been discussing here?
> >
> > Caroline lsp
> What speed is your computer? If your computer is too slow to run the
> gimp then maybe you'd be better off running Xubuntu  rather than
> Ubuntu.  (Xubuntu uses Xfce rather than gnome and is designed for older
> hardware). However I think Xubuntu includes the gimp..
> If you are short of RAM (not Mhz) you should probably avoid running
> Krita or Digikam under Ubuntu.
> Bah - it's confusing! The whole thing collectively is generally known as
> Ubuntu - *and* the main variant is also called Ubuntu! Ubuntu's sisters
> are called Kubuntu (with kde rather than gnome), xubuntu (with xfce
> rather than gnome), and edubuntu (designed specifically for education)
> Edubuntu (which is a type of ubuntu - the confusion!) uses gnome and has
> some kde libraries installed as it includes the kde edutainment package.
> To make things easier! How fast and how much RAM does your computer
> have? Are you running edubuntu or ubuntu itself?
> Caroline (secretlondon)
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