[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Scribes - First Meeting Tonight!

Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 5 21:10:13 GMT 2007

Chris Oattes wrote:
> Hi,
> As many of you are aware most Ubuntu related meetings occur online in 
> IRC chat channels for which plenty has already been done to help people 
> find and become involved. These meetings are going on all the time all 
> over the world and generate an awful lot of documentation, discussion, 
> ideas and plans. This information tends to be collated and distributed 
> in a fairly widespread and random fashion.
> Following on from the value which I feel we have gained in structuring 
> the meetings I felt it would be useful to share that experience and 
> start to help standardise the information and results which arise from 
> those discussions. To this end AusImage and myself, with the prompting 
> of NikButler(Loudmouthman on irc )  have created the Ubuntu Scribes 
> Team. Our goal is to encourage other teams even unto the Community 
> Council to develop and use the Mootbot and meeting structure to help 
> with the process of documenting and recording meetings. Your thoughts, 
> views and feelings for tonights first meeting of the Scribes team would 
You need to give people more than 24 hours notice of meetings! This also 
isn't uk-specific - you should announce this elsewhere - maybe to the 
documentation team?

I presume you know that ubuntu-meeting and other irc channels are 
recorded by a bot and transcripts are on the wiki?

Caroline (secretlondon)

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