[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Scribes - First Meeting Tonight!

Nik Butler nik at butlershouse.co.uk
Mon Feb 5 21:12:36 GMT 2007

> le more than 24 hours notice of meetings! This also 
> isn't uk-specific - you should announce this elsewhere - maybe to the 
> documentation team?
Um actually its very UK specific in terms of the UKTeam are the ones who 
through Seeker` built and created mootbot which drove Seeker to look 
into the how we could take our contribution to organising and running 
structured and productive IRC meetings. Which leads to the scribes. So 
whilst I agree it in the long term is not UK specific its certainly I 
feel appropriate to announce it and invite people in since the results 
of good meetings are positive for us all.

> I presume you know that ubuntu-meeting and other irc channels are 
> recorded by a bot and transcripts are on the wiki?
We do , but did you know that meeting lists and minutes are not being 
co-ordinated which is what the scribes seek to resolve.



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