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Fri Oct 18 16:43:38 UTC 2013

If it uses utf8 or another unicode encoding it should be supported 
Mvh Anders

Fòram na Gàidhlig <fios at> skrev:

>IMO protected (nonbreaking) hyphens would be the best thing for us. 
>Generally switching line breaks along hyphenation off is not a good 
>idea, because we also have very long hyphenated compounds that then 
>would leave big gaps in the typesetting.
>The question now is which packages do support nonbreaking hyphens and 
>which notation to use.
>> Hi!
>> Menu items are generally taken from .desktop files. There is nothing
>> that a translator can do with such strings. It is a bug in software. \n
>> and <br/> does not usually help here.
>> Programming engineers should take into account hyphenation in alphabetic
>> languages (or switch it off) and no hyphenation in hieroglyphic ones. It
>> is not an easy task.
>> I think it is better to file a bug on this.
>> Best regards,
>> Yuri
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