Degree of trust and quality for Ubuntu Localization Teams

hito hitoht at
Fri Jul 10 06:15:58 BST 2009

FYI, Its Japanese Team state.

We(japanese translators) totally agree with this too, we have same
face a challenge.

Japanese translators destination are
  - get more quality of translatirons.
  - keep open policy.

In our discussion, we access to two bottom line, currently, we had remain
inconclusive some reasons.

 Plan A) mandetary policy:
   set as moderation team, but it is not open.

 Plan B) discretionary policy:
   define and broadcast "use fuzzy" rule, that provide open aproach and
   minimum retention of quality. But this aproach based on "awareness",
   that provide limited quality.

Plan A/B is good for neither one thing nor the other.

Now, we plan to go with Plan A, but LP has no function for translation
reviewing, team moderation is good for work, but member invitation and
catch up/mentoring are not. So, if translation coordinator want to
help another translators, he/she must work harder. It is not good way,
we need more discuss about team aproach in Japanase translations.

So, we proceed plan B) now, as experiment. This is temporary way, we
benchmark discretionary policy.


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