Managing support (questions) regarding Ubuntu translations

Adi Roiban adi at
Fri Jul 10 04:28:25 BST 2009

Right now, for doing questions and answers(support), we use a not so
popular wikipage [1].

I was looking for ways to improve the current situation and I see three

1. Improve the current wikipage to gather questions/support requests and
aswer them by editing those pages. Let people know about it.  [1]

pros: advance features for text editing

cons: email notifications are not implicit and the email notification
will contain diff ... not easy to be read 
      not very intuitive for this usage. many users will prefer to fill
a bug or ask a question in Launchpad

2. Use Ubuntu Answer section from Launchpad [2]

pros: search/filter using LP builtin seach
      track the status of a support ticket
      assign questions to a person
      builtin FAQ feature
      workflow can be kept in Launchpad (no need of external tools)
      email notification system just works (email content is easy to
      easy to move questions between Ubuntu / Ubuntu Translations /
Rosetta / other project
      bugs can be linked with questions

cons: a huge amount of noise for questions regarding Ubuntu Translations

3. Use Ubuntu Translations Answer section from Launchpad [3]

pros: all pros from Ubuntu Answers + no noise regarding Ubuntu
cons: most probably users will ask for support in Ubuntu and not in
Ubuntu Translations


I am not happy at all with the way MoinMoin is sending email
notification for page changes and this is why I have done some work in
trying to implement solution from point 3.
I tried to move the content of the wikipage page to FAQs from Launchpad
[4] and also improve them. I'm still working at their content
(spellcheck and improve the way ideas are written)

I have excluded the solution of using a mailing list for managing
support as I was not able to find any real advantage.

Please note that if we consider it is best, I am ready to move them back
to a wikipage.


Adi Roiban

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