errors in PO files from Ubuntu

henning at henning at
Fri Jan 23 10:48:11 GMT 2009

Am 23.01.2009 01:37, Og Maciel schrieb:
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 7:12 PM, Daniel Nylander <po at> wrote:
>> ons 2009-01-21 klockan 15:36 +0200 skrev Adi Roiban:
>> It seems that gettext reads the next character after the %, %i in this
>> case, which doesn't match %p in the translated string.
>> What shall we do about this issues?
> Can you escape the % sign with \%?
That would not help. The message has a c-format flag, so a % is expected
to be escaped as %%, *but* only if the string is actually used as a C
format string (e.g. in *printf functions), otherwise %% will just show
up in the output. *Actually* this string is not a C format at all and
probably not used as such in the application, if it was, that'd be a
source bug. Also, any escaping would have to be done in the template as
well in the pofile.

This is a false positive, it could just be ignored or better be fixed by
removing the c-format flag from the message. This has to be done in the
template, though. Doing it in the pofile will have no effect. So again,
this really is a source bug, I you consider the template to be part of
the source.


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