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Sun Jan 25 13:42:53 GMT 2009

Something that seems to be missing is the ability to vote on a string.

If i make a slight correction to a string then the whole string gets printed out again without it being clear exactly what is different, sometimes it's just a comma in a wrong place or some other triviality but that may make a difference to an English (Uk) reader.  

If i make no changes though - then there appears to be no way that i can indicate which of 'Packaged', 'Current' or of the various 'Suggested' is the one that people living here are most likely to understand.  If i could make such an indictation then perhaps it would help speed up the job of Reviewers, perhaps streamlining that part of the process and perhaps giving them more confidence in the task.  

This seems like another tough undertaking for some programming people but i think it might lead to a lot of time-saving in the future.  

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

--- On Sun, 18/1/09, Milo Casagrande <milo at> wrote:
Il giorno dom, 18/01/2009 alle 19.54 +0100, Åsmund Skjæveland ha
> Some strings in Launchpad have better translations upstream than in
> Launchpad.  If I replace the Launchpad translation with the upstream
> string, will Launchpad automatically detect that the upstream
> translation takes over?


> In the translation page, Launchpad shows three strings labeled English,
> Current Norwegian Nynorsk, and Packaged. Is the string labeled
> Norwegian Nynorsk" the upstream string, or the most recent Launchpad
> string? I assume "Packaged" is the last string that was included
in a
> langpack.

Yes, usually "Packaged" is the last packaged upstream string, the
"Current..." is the translation in use now, the one that will be
in the next langpack, and usually a string that has been changed inside
Launchpad. This string will not became a "Packaged" string with the
creation of a new langpack though, the "Packaged" will always be the
upstream string. (That's how I understood the all thing, maybe Danilo
could say something more.)



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