Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Fri Dec 11 00:31:23 GMT 2009

În data de Mi, 09-12-2009 la 18:32 +0100, Iñigo Varela a scris:
> Hi, Adi, and translators list
> I don't know if using Narro is the best way to translate in Firefox....
> I'm lost. (You have to translate it first here [2] and then export a
> source file, and send this file to a bug [3], for be included with the
> rest of translations. We are still waiting :S ) 
> This is a slow proccess. We are close to Firefox 3.6, but I'm wondering
> if we must repeat the same for 3.7 or so.... I would like to know how
> the rest of languages do their translations for Firefox, because I think
> I'll go crazy.
For Romanian translations of Firefox we are using Narro and Alex Szasz
is taking care of having them accepted upstream.

As far as I know, he just pushes the dtd files upstream and waits for
the generation of the localization extensions.

> I think this time I'll wait to see results in Firefox 3.6 using narro.
> After that I'll decide about convenience of using this tool or using
> another tool.... Maybe it would be great a tool to export from Launchpad
> to Firefox directly... I'm only a translator, not a programmer :S
Yes, we will definitely love to have a pain free process of exporting
Firefox translations.

Hope that Asturian translations will be created upstream.

For now, I have created a bug report for documenting the export process
and trying to solve this problem using the current tools. 


Please keep us update with the status of Asturian upstream translations.
If you think it might help, I can try getting more support from Alex
Szasz (he is a awesome guy and a friend of mine)

Adi Roiban

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