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Davide Tullio davidetullio at
Thu Oct 16 12:57:58 BST 2008

dear Sean,
i'm pleased to be helpful and excuse me for my inaccurate english. I build
my 2nd pc in april 2008, this is my configuration:

-Mainboard: Asus p5k SE ->chipset intel p35
-Ram: Corsair 2x1GB xms2 pc6400 800 MHz 5-5-5-12
-HD: Western Digital 500 GB 16MB buffer
-Video card: POV GeForce 9600 GT EXO, 512 MB ram, 256 bit bus, GPU clock 750
MHz, shade 1750 MHz, 2000 MHz ram.
-Processor: Intel core 2 duo E8200, 2.66 GHz
-Sound card: M-audio delta 44, 4 in 4 out

i use my pc for recording and gaming. I use ardour in ubuntu studio and i
use an external Hard Disk ( Seagate Barracuda 500 GB 32 MB buffer ) with
sata link because it is advisable to have a different HD  from os. I'm
recording my brother's band and if you want i can give you an example of my
work ( above all to value the sound card ). Ardour is great, but there is
some little bug ( mainly with some plugin ).Unfortunatly ubuntu 8.04 doesn't
have my video card driver but however it works, the only problem is that it
makes noise as there isn't the video fan controll. Now there are nvidia
drivers but you have to install it by yourself. Recently there has been a
considerably improvement of ati drivers on linux.   Don't hesitate to
contact me.
Best regards,

Davide Tullio.
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