Ubuntu-Studio-users Digest, Vol 18, Issue 22

suemac at empire.net suemac at empire.net
Mon Oct 13 13:24:02 BST 2008


>Jussi said:

>"Which graphics card do you have? Perhaps try installing the linux-rt
>package, and the correct drivers for your graphics card"

>I believe it's an NVIDIA chipset. I think I checked when I was booted in
rt and
>it said it was using the NVIDIA drivers. (I didn't load these so I guessed
>came with the machine and the generic kernel.

>Active Accounts said:
>"I was going to say the same thing with respect to the network device as
well - 
>most certainly a module issue between the kernels. Check the difference
>the loaded kernels in the generic and the rt."

I didn't check the network drivers, ran out of time. I'm not sure how to
check the differences between the loaded kernels...where does the "stuff"
that's loaded around
the kernel get defined? I'd have guessed they'd both use the same file to
define the
drivers, screen res, and such.

>Philipp said:

>"Do you use binary drivers for video with the generic kernel? You might
>need to install them for the rt-kernel as well. But beware, they might
>cause problems."

See above, how do I tell? What file defines this...sheesh, I guess I'm
gonna have
to dig up more of my unix past life than I was hoping...

>There is more than one model of the tascam, the older one should work,
>the newer one (122L ? not sure..) doesn't.

This is a older model.


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