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Mon Oct 13 12:50:32 BST 2008

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> Ok, so I get my new Dell laptop with Ubuntu.
> Says I: "I'm going to do audio recording so I need the rt kernel...".
> So along with the recommended studio apps like Ardour, jack, etc. I
> install it all.
> Reboot the machine to the rt kernel...and it's lost it's brains!
> The video now only knows 800x600, the network is is gone.

Do you use binary drivers for video with the generic kernel? You might
need to install them for the rt-kernel as well. But beware, they might
cause problems.

As for the network.. it might be something similar (the need for a
binary blob)
> So I boot back to generic and all is well, high res video, network,
> etc.
> So I figure I can experiment with my Tascam US122 in generic until
> figure out the rt kernel issues.
> Well I do all the "how to'" I've found and still no green light on the
> Tascam.
> ldusb says it's there but...

There is more than one model of the tascam, the older one should work,
the newer one (122L ? not sure..) doesn't.

> Anybody got any ideas where to start on either issue?
> Thanks,
> Mac


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