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Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Sun Aug 23 08:08:16 UTC 2015

I won't quote earlier messages and reply since the thread have grown so

I believe is not just to set things up and do. As for PR you would need
access to the channels. I understand the meritocracy that actions speaks.
But as for my own part, when I don't know how much or little time I will
available it has hold me back on taking on any lead position or to commit
when I don't know how much or if I can deliver. However, as I wrote earlier
maybe a little contribution is better than none. It will in any case
require sign off from art and project lead, so we don't run off completely
in a direction not wanted. Not down to details, but in a broad picture.

As for meetings, I'm for it, but understand that it may not have been
useful before when there's was too few active. Let's try and see if it's
something that might work for the team? But it's not just to set it up, it
also need support by the leads as holding meetings without any
possibilities to make decision are just waste. I can arrange and setting it
up though, it's what I do in my daily work so...

I think that PR & Support could be split into two categories. I would have
opportunity to do some work on social channels and the web site, but have
been away too long from the actual nitty gritty to be able to help out with
support on irc or in the forums.

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