Bi-monthly to weekly meetings for ubuntu-server community

Nicolas Barcet nicolas.barcet at
Wed Sep 26 09:29:52 UTC 2007

Neal McBurnett wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 11:46:47PM +0200, Nicolas Barcet wrote:
>> As Mathias' meeting notes have shown, it has been discuss to switch the
>> ubuntu-server community meetings from a bi-monthly to a weekly
>> periodicity until at least UDS.  We did not want to define a new time
>> and date during last meeting as some of you may not have been present
>> because our meeting time and date were not practical for them.
> Since it is hard to find one time that works for everyone, one idea
> was to meet alternately at two different times, like the MOTU team
> does - at 0 UTC and 12 UTC on alternate weeks.
> There is a meeting planner at 

According to 2200 UTC on tuedays on alternate
weeks would allow for a good compromise if CET people are willing to
stay up late and Aussies would be ok for an early meeting.

Comments, anyone ?


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