Bi-monthly to weekly meetings for ubuntu-server community

Neal McBurnett neal at
Tue Sep 25 22:02:39 UTC 2007

On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 11:46:47PM +0200, Nicolas Barcet wrote:
> As Mathias' meeting notes have shown, it has been discuss to switch the
> ubuntu-server community meetings from a bi-monthly to a weekly
> periodicity until at least UDS.  We did not want to define a new time
> and date during last meeting as some of you may not have been present
> because our meeting time and date were not practical for them.

Since it is hard to find one time that works for everyone, one idea
was to meet alternately at two different times, like the MOTU team
does - at 0 UTC and 12 UTC on alternate weeks.

There is a meeting planner at

which can show multiple timezones across the page, with red indicating
when each time zone is typically asleep.  If you pick a city on the
list there for which the red zone matches your least-available times,
and post the city name here, we can try to pick times that work for
the most people.

E.g. I'm in Boulder, and the red zone associated with "Denver" matches
my sleep pattern pretty well.  Denver is indicated by "p1=75" in this
URL, and others can be added in as p2, p3 or p4:

Now we just need a mashup of launchpad (which knows the timezone for
each team member) and timeanddate....  Unfortunately the xml/foaf
output from Launchpad doesn't include the timezone:

so it seems to require parsing the html, which is a moving target.


Neal McBurnett       

> So please, if you have particular ideas on when this meeting should or
> should not occur, please voice them by replying to this message (to the
> list, please).  We'll try to settle the matter before the end of this week.
> Thanks a lot,
> Nick

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