ubuntu-server Digest, Vol 21, Issue 16

Loye Young loye.young at iycc.net
Wed Sep 26 23:28:52 UTC 2007

I like the oscillating time idea, but if I could make the world revolve around 
me, I would make the early time 2:00 UTC, because 0:00 UTC is 7:00 in the 
morning on Texas Daylight Time. 

7 a.m. is too early to do anything here on the Tex-Mex border. I"m pretty sure 
that not even the Internet works at that hour. Maybe because tequila and 
Corona have potent anti-merriment properties in the ante meridiem. At least 
from what I remember of my drinking career back in the day.

0:00 UTC is worse on the west coast (i.e., Silicon Valley and Portland, 
Oregon), because 0 UTC is 5 in the morning there. But maybe they are all 
morning people. I dunno.

> Aussies would be ok for an early meeting.

The Aussies, of course, are a double-whammy because not only do they have 
their night and days messed up, but their summer and winter is backwards, 
too. (Perhaps they shoudl call it Oscillatia.) Fortunately, the Catholic 
church has held the line on keeping Christmas and Easter in the right months, 
which is reason enough to make sure the Popes keep coming from Europe.

So the moral of the story is . . . . well, I forgot what I was talking about, 
but I'm sure I left a point around somewhere. 

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