Server Team 2007-09-11 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Sep 11 19:41:55 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Setup TeamReporting ==

mathiaz asked some help to setup the TeamReporting infrastructure so
that the Ubuntu Server team can report about its activities and get them
included into the monthly report of the Ubuntu project.

dantalizing offered his help.

ACTION: mathiaz and dantalizing will look after TeamReporting.

== Specifications tracking and cleanup ==

nealmcb followed up on his email sent to ubuntu-server about outdated
specifications. There are a lot of specifications registered in LP and
in the wiki. However it's hard to figure out which one are still active
and relevant. There was some discussion about using blueprints on LP to
track the list. mathiaz suggested to go through the wiki pages marked
with CategorySpec and subscribe ubuntu-server to all the relevant ones.
nealmc wants to think about which tools should be used to handle that.
He will send an email about this issue. No consensus was reached on what
should be done about that.

ACTION: nealmcb will send an email to ubuntu-server ml about blueprints

== Update on the tasksel tasks ==

soren presented his print-server task for tasksel. His proposal can be
found at 

It includes the printconf package which is universe. However it's not
possible to define tasks for tasksel that include packages in universe.

soren waits for feedback from ubuntu printing expert and may write an
MIR for printconf.

== Choose an official MTA postfix/exim ==

mathiaz brought up the topic of an official MTA as currently there are
two MTA in main. lamont stated that there is already an default MTA,
postfix. soren clarified the issue. Some packages come with a 'exim4 |
m-t-a' dependency. The proposal is to update such packages to have
'postfix | m-t-a' instead.

lamont listed the main packages that are affected: backuppc, logcheck,
mailman, mailx.

ACTION: soren will send an email to ubuntu-devel about using postfix as
default package in control files.

== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ==

mathiaz announced that DocDay had been hold last friday and produced an
updated wiki page for the KnowledgeBase.

sommer updated php5 pages in the wiki and in the ubuntu server guide. He
also started to review other sections. pschulz01 also offered help to
review the ubuntu server guide.

Anyone interested in reviewing the ubuntu server guide is welcomed to
contact them.

ACTION: sommer and pschulz01 will start to review the ubuntu server

ACTION: sommer will add an item to the Roadmap.

== Review each section of the ServerTeam/Roadmap ==

nealmcb created a list of factoids that should be added to ubotu. The
list can be found in the Roadmap page.

ACTION: nealmcb will send an email to ubuntu-server with the proposed

mathiaz gave an update about AppArmor: he has integrated the latest
upstream version. The last kernel upload has the latest kernel module,
so the userspace part of apparmor should be updated as well. keescook
started to review mathiaz's bzr branch and will test it.

== Next meeting ==

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, September the 25th, at 15:00 UTC in


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