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Tue Sep 25 07:49:50 UTC 2007

Re: ACTION: nealmcb will send an email to ubuntu-server ml about
blueprints cleaning

Here is a followup on blueprints.  Thanks to Mathias for
creating this wiki page:

which is a wiki page where folks can list ideas for specs
for Hardy.

I added a number of See Also links there, and also a link to every
existing spec that is subscribed to by at least three server team
members, or two members and the team itself.  That should make it easy
to grab some existing specs that you might want to spruce up and
nominate for Hardy and put in in one of the categories higher up on
the page.

Unfortunately we can't see which specs are _proposed_ for the next UDS
meeting ( - that
is reported as a UI issue in launchpad which is being worked on.  Is
anyone privy to that information who can share it with us?

I also think a better, ubuntu-wide way of marking old specs as
outdated is needed.


Neal McBurnett       

On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 06:21:44AM +0000, Neal McBurnett wrote:
> Re: my agenda item for tomorrow's meeting:
>  * Talk about specifications tracking and the need to clean them
> Here are some quick notes and links.
> 11 blueprints are listed for the server team at
> Those and all the blueprints related to each member of the team
> are at
> This agenda item started with my note about the outdated wiki "talk"
> page from 2005:
> Many of the same ideas keep popping up on the irc channel and in
> specifications and discussions.
> In particular there continues to be lots of interest in various ways
> to make it easier to set up and administer common services.
> Re:
>  Are there any that shouldn't be there?
>    Note overlaps of these blueprints:
>      ubuntu-easy-business-server (ebox)
>      administer-server-via-web-interface
>      sysadmin-framework-eval
>      groupware-server
>  Are any missing?
>  Are the entries up-to-date?
> It seems to me that the next LTS is a big deal for the server team,
> and it is coming up fast and we'll want as much experience as we can
> get with new features.  I wonder if the dates will be tight, since
> we'll want to provide lots of time for QA.  UDS Boston isn't until the
> end of October, but should we consider reviewing blueprints sooner
> rather than later?  Though I know that testing/bugs in gutsy are high
> priority now....
> Should we consider working on some of these (ebox?) via a PPA?
> Finally, note the other specs that team members are interested in.
> And note that many older specs exist that are server-related.  It is
> hard for folks that run across them by browsing specs or finding them
> via search engines to tell if they are active.  Is there any process
> to mark them as outdated or clean them up?
> Note also ServerVisions wiki page idea.
> Cheers,
> Neal McBurnett       

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