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This topic thread is getting a "little hot" so I hope everyone will keep 
their cool. We all want what is best for the Linux/Ubuntu community.

I agree with you - elections is a horrible process. But naming a 
successor also has its drawbacks. Would anyone like to volunteer to lead 
the group should all efforts to convince Zarul NOT to resign fail?

"Mark Shuttleworth and most of the people in the core team have been involved with open source development for years and one thing for sure, they didn't start
it with "profit" in mind. In other words, they don't simply do things for

This is true but also not quite true. In an interview on ubuntunews.info 
with Mark Shuttleworth:

*Daviey: Why is 'ubuntu' a trademark of Canonical and not the Ubuntu 

Canonical is the funder of the brand. The Ubuntu Foundation is a trust 
that exists in the event that Canonical can no longer support Ubuntu. 
so, when we made a long term support commitment, i figured out how much 
money we needed in the bank to meet that commitment and setup the Ubuntu 
foundation and gave them that amount of money. no matter what happens to 
Canonical, the money is there to meet the support commitment. you can 
safely deploy Dapper and you will not suddenly find yourself 
unsupported, but we don't touch that money, it's an insurance balance. 
so, in that light, it makes more sense to have Canonical manage the 
brands. it invests in the marketing, and also makes decisions about the 
ways in which people can use the brand. so far, it's working well. 

As you can see, Mark actually funds Ubuntu through Canonical. He said 
the same thing in an interview on The Guardian:

*TG: What's the business model for Canonical?*

*MS* Our business model is entirely based on services around our 
software. Because Canonical plays such a key role in Ubuntu, even though 
it doesn't monopolise access to it, we're a preferred partner for 
Ubuntu. Whether it's technical support, which we think people are more 
likely to buy from us than from anybody else, or whether it's 
engineering, customisation, or the enablement of the platform on 
particular hardware, Canonical has a privileged position. 

Mark also warned, "...a well-funded open source team that is NOT led by 
someone with a personal interest in shipping the project will get 
distracted by other shiny tech toys and fail to actually ship something 
focused and constructive." 

The point is, it is easier to get the "project" going when there is 
funding. I hope the Malaysian Ubuntu community also has the same vision 
as Mark - "...we made a long term support commitment, i figured out how 
much money we needed in the bank to meet that commitment and setup the 
Ubuntu foundation and gave them that amount of money. no matter what 
happens to Canonical..."

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> Hai
> I have a thought about it, I don't really agree with this election thing..
> One thing about election is, the better you talk and the better social
> skills you have, then you will be a leader.. even if in reality, there are
> more people spending all their time working for the community..
> But these people are boring geeks, they don't organize BBQ instead they
> spend their time replying emails to people who asked for their help.
> Election is all about, how many you know instead of how much you have
> contributed. Atleast, this is true in Malaysia.
> I hate politics , most of the politicians are just good at making promises
> and finding/spotting other people mistakes. They are good at making people
> think they are angels, while the current leaders are Devils.  Most of them
> don't care about the people, they just lied so that they can rise to power
> and when they rise to power, you will realized how much of what they said
> before were nothing more than lies so that they can be at the top...
> I am sorry, but I don't wish to have politics or politician here... The kind
> of leader that I dream of is a leader with a proven background, a background
> in helping the people... I am stubborn person, I am no longer gonna be the
> leader of this group, and it has already have much problem.. But I do not
> wish to see it being a complete destruction... I might not be a good leader
> and I learned a lot from my experience and pretty much tell me what kind of
> person should lead this group.... I founded the local group, that something
> you can't deny.. I am not boasting.. but that's fact... as a founder,  I
> don't want to see what I started being destroyed, I am willing to go because
> I think I am not good enough or have enough experience to lead this group
> anymore, and I wish someone who is more experienced to lead the group and
> not someone who is popular but lacking in term of experience and knowledge
> and skills of a leader..
> I am going to come out with the list of people who have been contributing
> and supporting Ubuntu for the past few years.. they are not popular people,
> but they are old and experienced enough to lead the group...  I normally
> don't use my power to decide, but this will be the first and the last for
> me.. For the good of this community...
> Zarul
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 9:29 PM, Syamsul Anuar <anuar at vastalux.com.my>
> wrote:
>> Salam / Greetings All,
>> Zarul, Thanks for all your contribution and we respect your decision.
>> Its time for the new leadership to take your legacy and move forward the
>> Ubuntu Malaysia community towards better tomorrow.
>> I for one suggest there should be an election for new leadership,
>> complete with some campaigning as I think the Malaysia general public
>> nowadays dont embrace "peralihan kuasa" (read: something got to do with
>> Pak Lah.. ) but a fair and democratic constitution is the way forward.
>> I will always lend my support to my beloved Linux Community.
>> Regards,
>> -wariola-
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