[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu-my Digest, Vol 18, Issue 10

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Sat Jun 21 13:42:02 BST 2008

i'm pretty sure from Zarul's many replies, he does not intend to carry
on leading this group. judging from the members in the group, there
doesn't seem to be much to lead anyway as most here are only looking for
commercial profits by joining.

i also agree with Zarul that elections for a new leader would not be the
best. as Zarul started the group and knows many of the members here, i
trust he would select, in his opinion, the most capable leader. i for
one would not vote.

no one can be sure of Mark Shuttleworth's true reasons for creating
Ubuntu. from what i can see, he created the foundation to ensure Ubuntu
would not run out of funding. does Canonical profit from Ubuntu?

the point Zarul is pushing is that Mark did not start with the idea to
make money. he wanted to provide a friendly Linux for users based on one
of the best Linux distros. he wanted this new distro to be free. nowhere
do i see "make money" in those aims before it even started.

at KuchingOSC, we promote Ubuntu and open-source at every opportunity.
we join fairs and shows. we go to educational institutions. and we don't
do all this "to make money". maybe we look silly to do something for
nothing but we want to promote FLOSS and get as many users on it. and
this is our contribution back to the community that gave us such a
wonderful, free product.

some people write code for free, some people help others install Linux
for free. if someone uses all these tools and contribute nothing back
yet plans to make money from it, you can be sure we will not be

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> This topic thread is getting a "little hot" so I hope everyone will
> keep 
> their cool. We all want what is best for the Linux/Ubuntu community.
> Zarul,
> I agree with you - elections is a horrible process. But naming a 
> successor also has its drawbacks. Would anyone like to volunteer to
> lead 
> the group should all efforts to convince Zarul NOT to resign fail?


Donald P Kong


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