Proposed Features for Launchpad Bugs 3.0 - call for help!

Christian Robottom Reis kiko at
Sun Aug 24 22:28:02 BST 2008

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 02:41:22AM -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I idled in #Launchpad for quite somee time after the latest U/I shuffle.  I 
> saw a lot of people show up to complain.  I only saw two people (not 
> involved in Launchpad development) speak in favor of it.  I've heard a lot 
> of negative sentiment about it in Ubuntu channels too.

I also hear a lot of negative commentary about pretty much every piece
of software, daily -- including Ubuntu. It's a fact that if you
have a wide enough user base, changing any piece of software is
disruptive. I know people are inconvenienced; that's not helping me
much to do avoid doing so in the future.

> Since your process did not seek feedback on these gloabal issues, I find it 
> unsuprising you didn't get much.

It didn't? I'm actually actively collecting global issues as I talk to
everybody in the community. It just doesn't go into the per-team
priority lists (though it's pretty much the only thing I've sent out in
list form) -- because it is actually cross-team.
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