new package, need review

Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at
Sun Aug 24 22:29:25 BST 2008

> Indeed, the version should end with "-0ubuntu1" and the distribution
> should be "intrepid".

Ok, fixed.

> > Ah, that's an interesting one which brings up another question. The
> > 'lie' package is actually only needed during build because the
> > autoconf script checks that this program is installed. Should that
> > really go in Build-depends or is there a better way?
> Further, you said "my computer algebra system". If you are the author
> you should fix this directly in your source tarball.

I'll patch it for the package, because I want to keep this test in the
configure script for those people who compile the program by hand. For
them there is no way to give them the equivalent of a 'Depends' except
for having the program bail out at run time, so the autoconf script is


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