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Sun Aug 24 22:06:49 BST 2008


2008/8/22 Jose Luis Blanco <joseluisblancoc at>:
> This is because you used the version postfix "-1" which is associated to
> Debian. Then, lintian expects you to put "unstable" as distribution (or
> "stable",etc..). I think you can also use "-0ubuntu1" and then use the
> "hardy" distribution (or "intrepid", etc...).

Indeed, the version should end with "-0ubuntu1" and the distribution
should be "intrepid".

2008/8/22 Kasper Peeters <kasper.peeters at>:
> Ah, that's an interesting one which brings up another question. The
> 'lie' package is actually only needed during build because the
> autoconf script checks that this program is installed. Should that
> really go in Build-depends or is there a better way?

Patch the script so that it isn't necessary to depend on it. See for information on
the different ways on how to patch an application.

Further, you said "my computer algebra system". If you are the author
you should fix this directly in your source tarball.

> Another question: cadabra depends on there being a TeX installation
> available at run-time. However, I don't really care whether it is
> texlive or tetex. Is there a way to specify that in the Depends line?

Yes, "texlive | tetex".

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